ODUOR KEVIN is a Public Health Specialist with considerable experience in the health care industry. He is currently the Chief Programs Officer at Stowelink Inc., a youth led organization with single most focus of addressing the burden of non-communicable diseases. Oduor is experienced in Project Management, having worked with Population Services Kenya (PSK) as member of the National Coordinating Committee for Kitu Ni Kukachora project. In addition, he has also served as the Campus Director-Kenyatta University where he coordinated various SDG projects under the auspices of Millennium Fellowship.

Oduor is an ardent champion for Universal Health Coverage and has presented several papers in both local and international UHC conferences including the 5th Commonwealth Nurses and Midwives Conference at the Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.

He possesses wealth of experience in public health research and article writing, and has published several papers on various thematic areas.

He has strong leadership acumen having served in various positions in different organizations, both local and international.

In addition to his experience;

Oduor Kevin holds a Bachelors Degree in Public Health (Environmental Health) from Kenyatta University and is set to begin master’s in public health.

Oduor is a fellow and alumnus of several professional programs including YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative founded by President Barack Obama), Ban Ki-Moon Center for Global Citizens and Millennium Fellowship hosted by Millennium Campus Network in collaboration with United Nations Academic Impact.

Oduor Kevin is among the 30 young researchers selected for the 2020 Hideyo Noguchi African Prize in partnership with Word Health Organization (AFRO).

Oduor Kevin is also the founding member of Peer Mentors Club at Kenyatta University-a club that helps first year students seamlessly transition from high-school to university life and support them through to make proper life decisions though peer to peer mentorship.

Oduor is a co-founder of INFO4FOOD, a social enterprise whose single most focus is to address food insecurity through the use of low-tech innovation for preventing food wastage/post-harvest losses.

He is also the founding member of the East Africa Sickle Cell Alliance.

Oduor Kevin has exceptional planning, organizational, design thinking, leadership skills coupled with proper work ethics.

Oduor believes in the philosophy of optimism. He is in perfect agreement with the proponents of the theory, who submit that the world is the best of all possible worlds or, in ethics, that life is worth living. He believes that life yields good to those who profess good and bad to those who profess bad.


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