Legacy Leadership Africa is committed to raising a generation of transformative and premium leaders, whose focus is to create and leave behind a lasting legacy. While raising such leaders may be elusive, we strongly believe that every activity we conduct is geared towards changing the leadership narrative in Africa and across the world.

On 10th March 2021, Legacy Leadership Africa trained Tharaka University student leaders on Mentorship and Drug Refusal Skills. Since Tharaka is a young yet vibrant university college, there is growing body of need to establish and strengthen every department critical to its steady growth. One of this departments is the department of Career Development which has the responsibility of identifying and training student mentors to equip them with requisite skills and knowledge.

During the training, Legacy Leadership Africa played a central role in training the student mentors/Career ambassadors on different aspects of mentorship. It was incredibly justified that the concept of mentorship be extensively explored so that the students gain absolute understanding of what they were getting into. Oduor Kevin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, was keen to “leaving no stone unturned” when he talked about almost every aspect of mentorship including the role of a mentor, the benefits, the stages of mentorship, guidelines and tips for successful mentorship. While at it, he also cited some of the worlds most successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama who excelled in their area of endeavors as a result of mentorship they received. In finishing his presentation, Oduor referenced:

“Nothing great has really been achieved through individual might. Everyone is a product of mentorship”

Also, as part of the training, Ogweno Stephen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, talked about drug refusal skills. Since this is a university setting, drugs abuse is one of greatest challenges that the student’s mentors would encounter. Therefore, it was critical to impart them with skills and absolute knowledge on drugs and substance abuse, but most importantly, the refusal skills. Ogweno Stephen gave an emotional story of how he lost friends to drugs during his campus days and wouldn’t want any other person to go through that excruciating ordeal. He implored the student mentors to be aggressive in addressing drugs and substance abuse which has derailed many students from excelling in their studies.

Towards the end of the training, Ogweno tasked the participants to do a mock presentation on drug refusal skills and assessed their performance. Assessed in this mock presentation was the ability of the student being drafted into drugs to firmly say NO and walk away from the influencers.


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Legacy leadership Africa is an organization whose primary ethos is to raise a generation of premium leaders across Africa , who are inspired and committed to creating change and leaving a lasting legacy of impact to families ,communities and nations across the continent

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