The Harambeans Global Summit is a premier example of the best of the best that Africa has to offer in terms of entrepreneurship, impact, networks, and the exclusiveness. The Harambeans are a community of passionate entrepreneurs, innovators and funders who are brought together by a common mission of developing the Africa that we want. Harambeans believe strongly that this Africa exists, and they, through their businesses, ventures and funding are actively developing this next Africa of the future. The Harambeans have produced 2 of Africa’s unicorn ventures and have produced the top entrepreneurs in the continent. This community is also very driven by the drive to leave a legacy on the continent and the world. The global summit brings together these movers and shakers of Africa and the world.

Legacy Leadership Africa through a co-founder Ogweno Stephen was well represented at this global gathering of entrepreneurs where incredible networks and connections were made. Legacy Leadership Africa is proud of its efforts in developing the Africa that we want through developing a new generation of leaders in the continent.

Ogweno Stephen at the Harambean Global Summit

Published by Legacy Leadership Africa

Legacy leadership Africa is an organization whose primary ethos is to raise a generation of premium leaders across Africa , who are inspired and committed to creating change and leaving a lasting legacy of impact to families ,communities and nations across the continent

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