Ogweno Stephen is a Population Health expert with a vast experience in helping organizations discover innovation, entrepreneurship, and cross functional leadership within their teams. Ogweno Stephen is also the founder of Stowelink Inc, an organization in 10 countries whose aim is to improve literacy and access to care for non-communicable diseases. He is a multi-award-winning CEO and author who has also presented at the Windsor Castle and Royal College of Physicians, UK. Ogweno has undergone some of the world’s best leadership training institutes and forums including The One Young World and the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership where he has learned and continues to implement exceptional leadership.

OGWENO is currently pursuing an MPH in Global Health at the University Of Manchester. As a global advocate for non-communicable diseases, Ogweno Stephen has been recognized time and again as a leading voice in innovation and in the development of successful programmes and projects that are centered on NCDS literacy. Through his work with Stowelink he has received both local and global recognition with one of the highlights being, presenting at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom in 2018,presenting at the Royal College of physicians in 2020, winning the World Health Organization Hideyo Noguchi Research Scholarship 2020 and receiving a honorable mention and recognition by the United Nations Youth Envoy on his work for the NCD community during COVID-19 .

Besides his vast experience in health, he is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded other successful ventures including the Kreative Hub and Info4food. As a seasoned speaker, his experience in business, leadership and innovation has become the centerpiece of his trainings and he prides himself in being able to mentor young people to develop successful startups.

Ogweno Stephen is also the author of 4 books: The Drug Free, The Mental Health Matters Anthology, The Effect Of Ehealth On Information Awareness On NCDs and Practical Skills For Entrepreneurial Success set to be publicly launched in 2021. Ogweno Stephen continues to inspire action pivoting on Maya Angelou’s words: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”



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