The Staircase to Success Mentorship Program is a flagship program developed by Professional Mentors of Africa (Pro Mentors) in collaboration with Legacy Leadership Africa (LLA). Started in 2018, the program has impacted over 10,000 young people especially primary and secondary school students. The program, mostly conducted during the school holydays, has a single most focus of imparting young people with valuable life skills which books and classroom engagement do not offer. Recognizing that there are confluence of factors that determine the destiny of young people, the program uses a unique approach to delivery and pedagogy which involves extracting from the participants through a deep-dive conversation on contemporary issues.

Molyn giving a vote of thanks

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, Pro Mentors and LLA implemented the program in various learning and religious institutions. But when COVID-19 emerged, the momentum created during the initial phases was slow-punctured. The pandemic threatened to backpedal and reverse the gains achieved toward raising a generation of premium leaders.

Fortunately, the pandemic has slowed down and life seems to be back to normal —though reminded that we are not out of the woods just yet. Thankfully, we can now meet students and implement this ambitious/impactful program.

From 21st -25th March 2022, LLA together with Pro Mentors Africa, pitched tents at St. Peters Ruai Parish. With the invitation from the Parish to mentor their young people on various life aspects, our training began in earnest, fundamentally discussing issues related to the current pandemic. This was done purposefully to make the training contextual and highlight some of the fundamental lessons derived from the COVID-19 experience. For us, we chose to do it differently. We recognized that the pandemic came with nasty and devastating experience. No doubt about it! However, we deliberately choose to engage in a deep dive conversation that goes beyond the excruciating experience. We decisively focused on seeing the “glass as half full and not half empty.” As such, we did not shy away from highlighting the positive impact brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. The lesson here is one; to be positive and be able, through another lens, to recognize some positive in every frustrating situation.

Legacy Leadership Africa Co-founder, Oduor Kevin during the training

Wait, it was not just about COVID-19. We also discussed in-depth, the topic of SELF-AWARENESS. Taking cognizance that the mentees are approaching their puberty or are already at it, we decide to unpack this topic. Use the unique concept/theory of Johari’s Window, the mentee was able to gain absolute understanding of SELF-AWARENESS including awareness about Self, Religion, Environment, Family Background, Sexuality and Relationships. The list is long! The one week long started with a bang and ended with a bang! It was an overwhelming achievement. The wonderful testimony we received regarding the impact of the week-long engagement is fulfilling. For this reason, we at LLA, are committed to cause impact. IF not US, WHO, IF not NOW, WHEN?

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Legacy leadership Africa is an organization whose primary ethos is to raise a generation of premium leaders across Africa , who are inspired and committed to creating change and leaving a lasting legacy of impact to families ,communities and nations across the continent

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